At CarpetVR we are working on a new patent-pending technology that brings high-accuracy low-latency low-cost 6D positional tracking to mobile virtual reality. With CarpetVR a user can experience motion in virtual reality without purchasing expensive VR kits. Watch the demo video explaining CarpetVR:

Key features of CarpetVR:

Full 6D tracking (position+direction) of the VR headset

• CarpetVR makes full use of smartphone sensors: the camera, the gyroscope, the accelerometer

No additional sensors need to be placed in the environment or attached to the headset/phone

60 fps integrated shaking-free tracking (including 40 fps visual tracking, 60 fps planned) on a smartphone

Natural estimation of safe area and user chaperoning

 "Artistic" marker design based on neural artistic style approach

The team:

Victor Lempitsky 
Computer vision and Deep learning

Alexander Vakhitov 
Visual geometry and Sensor fusion

Andrew Starostin 
VR, Graphics and Android

We are based in the Skolkovo hub near Moscow and are the spin-off of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology' computer vision group. We are looking for highly-motivated and skillful specialists in VR, computer vision, and mobile development. Contact us if you are one of them.

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